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Farming Since 1943

The Tomlinson family has had its roots in farming for many generations. Garth's mother's family, the Scriveners, farmed originally in Lincolnshire and then moved to Top House Farm in Shenton. Garth's grandfather, Edward Scrivener then married into the Vernon family who had farmed at Hall Farm in Dadlington for generations.

More Roots - no pun intended!

Edward and Anne continued to farm at Hall Farm and had 3 children, Gerald, Vernon and Margaret. Margaret is Garth's mother and she married a local boy George Tomlinson, whose relations, the Busbys, also farmed in Dadlington.

Garth's mother produced her first turkeys in 1943. she took her first turkey to be mated at Sutton Cheney, on the bus. The father of a friend of ours took his pig to be mated in the sidecar of his motorbike! Those were the days!

The family have continued to produce Christmas poultry, not having missed one year since 1943.

Garth took over the business from his parents in 1986. Garth and I got together in 1997. At that time Garth was producing turkeys, geese, ducks and cockerels at Christmas and contract hedge cutting all year round, I was working as a customer service team manager for a large chemical company.

The farm was famous in the area for the Ostrich’s that Garth had in the front field and there was often someone hanging over the fence looking at them! A Stoke Golding tapestry was made to commemorate the millennium and the Ostriches are recorded for posterity on this tapestry.

We began producing free range chickens all year round. This was at the time when farmers markets were starting so we sold our chickens at all the local markets ones and at the farm gate. We also sold to other farm shops and butchers, many of whom we still supply today.

In 2005 we opened our Farm Shop, we are planning our 10th anniversairy celebration for 2015! The shop has gone from strength to strength, allowing us to continuously build on the selection we are able to offer our customers. Our business ethos is if we don’t produce something we support other small local producers.

We now offer camping for individuals and groups, bookable direct and on , a venue for Weddings and events and are in the process of applying for planning permission for our tea room and shop extension.

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